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What We Offer
Make sure you don’t lose another job again with our tried and tested sales system. Follow up processes to qualify leads and ensure you’re not wasting time on low paying jobs. Increase your conversions and win more high paying tenders. Find your ideal customer and break away from traditional ways of winning jobs. Set realistic achievable targets and put your business on a quick growth trajectory.
If you’re serious about getting off the tools and growing your business, you can’t rely on referrals or word of mouth. You’ll need a full digital marketing plan to allow for predictable consistent leads to ensure a steady flow of work for you and your staff. We’ll help you with a full cycle of development and support with step by step guidance.
Ensure you have profit in your account every month before you pay anyone else with our profit before overheads strategy. Account structure is important to ensure positive cashflow. Minimise the amount of tax you pay and maximise the amount of cash you get from the business. Stop pricing yourself to breakeven and stop racing to the bottom
Get a proper hiring process in place so that you have a top team in place to drive your business forward. Staff retention is key, especially when stepping away from the tools. Systems, sops, incentivisation programmes and progression will all play a part in building the “A team” but it all starts with the business owner so stop blaming staff and get a system in place to ensure a growing team and increased retention.
Systems / SOPs
Having the right systems in place allows the business to grow without you going forward. Stop running the business from your head and start running the business through your systems and sop’s. Don’t be the bottleneck that prevents growth because everything needs to run through you. Software, automations and checklists are all necessary as you look to a more passive income either through site managers or selling the business.
Mindset and Leadership
Before you can look at growing your business and getting off the tools, you first need to get your head right first. Decide what you want out of the business, where you’d like to see the business grow to and what obstacles stand in your way.  Why did you decide to work for yourself and what are you looking for in your personal life and for your family. Reduce stress, lower working hours, get a routine in place that allows you to achieve more with less time.