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About Us

According of the CEO

The team at Profitable Tradesmen teach & educate tradesmen business owners on how to take their business to the next level.

Having worked with lots of different tradesmen, and developed proven strategies for business growth our members take the shortcut to success without having to reinvent the wheel.

So if you want to fast track your results, create a well systemised operation and take control back then we can help you.

What is included in the Profitable Tradesmen Programme?  
When you become a member of the Profitable Tradesmen programme, you will get the following:
ASSESSMENT: First, we will assess where you are with your business and what problems are you having in growing your business
NETWORKING: Networking is a vital resource for any owner of a company regardless. It allows you discover what is working for others and what you can do in your company that is currently stopping it from growing. You can network 24/7 with our paid members only Tradesman Alliance group with like minded construction business owners like yourself to see what is working for them and why they are growing the companies. Note: This is invaluable, a will speed up the GROWTH time of your company.
REFERRALS: Referral work from other members within the group that you form a business relationship with.
MONTHLY MEETUPS: When you become a member you will now be invited to attend our monthly meetups where we will do hands on training, leads passing, problem solving and much more.
SOCIAL MEDIA TRAINING: We will walk you through how to build your social media presence using strategies that one facebook user has previously used to obtain more than 1,000 likes on their facebook page. Imagine what that would do for your business alone…..
ACCOUNTABILITY: You will be held accountable for taking action to implement the strategies you are taught into your company to help it grow month on month.
PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP :Access to our private Facebook Group for Support, Learning, a place to go when you have a question and need quick solutions to overcoming your business problems.
ONLINE TRAINING: Access to all the modules which have been used and taught to others to start and take their companies to the next level.
Here you will learn…..
  • The correct systems to use
  • Sales Funnels specific for your business for an endless amount of leads
  • Putting your business in positive cash flow instead of negative
  • Payment Structures that have a positive effect on your business
  • Building your A-TeamAnd much much more……

Core Values

First Class
We aim to provide first class service with everything we do. Marketing, lead generation, systems and knowledge will exceed expectations and will be easily implemented into your business
Results Driven
We will provide the latest up to date training for you and your business to ensure you meet all Key performance indicators (KPIs) that we set for you.
When you become a Profitable Tradesmen member, we will walk you through every process to ensure you see rapid results, you understand all the training material and are implementing the systems correctly by having weekly calls.
We are always growing in our knowledge of business development. Our scales specialists will always have the latest tips, guides and knowledge to ensure our clients are always evolving.
We believe it is important to always make memorable experiences in all areas of our business for both our clients and our staff. We aim to provide you with all the tools to ensure you’re working ON the business rather than IN, to allow you to have time to make memories.

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